Taking Back Ourselves is dedicated to recovery for women survivors of sexual abuse and assault by providing Weekends of Recovery and Nights of Healing across the country.

Taking Back Ourselves is committed to empowering women survivors  of sexual abuse to be whole, healed and connected to others.  TBO serves survivors of sexual assault, incest, sexual trafficking,  campus rape, religious abuse, military sexual assault, abuse in sports and the arts, work place sexual abuse, survivors of domestic violence, survivors of war, and survivors of tribal and racial violence.      


"TBO creates a network of friendships and relationships that help me on my journey to know that I am never alone and I no longer have to hide in shame."   - Participant 2017

Weekend of Recovery:

Hope Springs Institute

Peebles, Ohio

May 17-19, 2019


Women will utilize mindfulness, body work, music, art and movement, the profound support of one another—and their own empowerment—to create a vibrant community that continues long after the weekend.
      Women  come from all over the US and and 4 continents—to heal and to create community.  They have traveled a long way to be there, some at considerable cost—a few at great risk.  
     They leave their isolation behind and created real safety.  They  make real connections with one another, and with the eight extremely seasoned facilitators, two of whom are men.  They are able to tell their stories and be believed.  They  experiment with being vulnerable, connected to the girls inside of themselves, and make room for possibility and curiosity.  They explore their creativity with incredible art and movement.  Together they create community, hope, joy—and more life.  And, they continue to keep their connections with one another, and to the power they have touched within themselves.

We know that much in the way that a pebble dropped in a pond spreads out and affects even the furthest shore of a lake, women who experience a Weekend of Recovery can take a profound healing back into their lives that will impact all their relationships. When women survivors experience community and healing in a safe and an embodied way, then everybody—men, children, our planet— is better off.