The TBO team, 2018

The TBO team, 2018

Our core team brings many skills, vast experience, and both a sense of wonder and humor to the journey of recovery.  It is our great privilege to do this work.

Women preparing to come to a Weekend of Recovery may ask:  “Why are there male facilitators on this women’s Weekend?”  Many women have not been safe with men in the past because of their trauma histories, or because they have had negative experiences with male doctors, clinicians or pastors who were not helpful, perhaps even harmful in their interactions.
This weekend is designed with profound respect and attention to not only what is comfortable and safe, but also what is most empowering to each woman.

We have carefully chosen facilitators who have impeccable boundaries, and are attuned to women survivors’ particular issues around abuse, sexuality, sexual orientation, and their sense of self and aliveness.
We believe it is essential to create a space where survivors can feel safe and powerful in the midst of women and men who respect and value their courage and individual paths toward recovery.
So let us introduce ourselves...



Denise Ballnik MA ADTR MFT


has been a practicing Dance/movement therapist and psychotherapist in the Los Angeles area for 30 years.    For the past two decades, she has worked with trauma, especially male and female sexual abuse .  She has facilitated groups for women survivors of sexual abuse  and currentlyis facilitating a group for male survivors.  She brings authentic movement, guided imagery, commitment  and the creative process  to her work with her clients to facilitate healing. Pronouns: she, her, hers.




Peter Bottéas, MA, LMHC 


is a multilingual and multicultural trauma specialist, who for many years had a private psychotherapy practice in Cambridge, MA.  He was formerly part of the facilitation team of the MaleSurvivor organization’s Weekends of Recovery, and has been a member of the TBO team since its inception.  For several years, he was a counselor, group facilitator, and victim advocate with the Violence Recovery Program at Fenway Health in Boston, working with survivors of domestic violence, sexual trauma, bias crimes, and other life-altering events. He incorporates EMDR, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, and Mindfulness skills into his work. Pronouns: he, him, his.



Chad Corbley, Ph.D.


ChadCorbley, PhD is a licensed psychologist working in private practice in Columbus, OH. He is owner of City Counseling: A Home for Growth, a practice focused on serving the needs of marginalized populations, particularly LGBT folks. Chad's areas of speciality include GLB and Trans concerns, HIV/AIDS, and survivors of trauma. Chadis grateful to be part of both Taking Back Ourselves and MenHealing, an organization dedicated to male survivors of sexual trauma. Pronouns: he, him, his, they, them, their

Sandi Forti, Ph.D.


is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist in Columbus, Ohio. She has a thriving practice in central Ohio with years of experience dealing with a wide range of emotional and psychological difficulties.  She has more than two decades of AIDS work in California and Ohio, building on previous work in the areas of pain management and physical disabilities.  Her dual interests in archetypal psychology and body awareness have added breadth and depth to her work with individuals who are seeking to heal from past traumas and who desire new ground for a relationship with the present. She sees herself as providing context within which trauma can be understood as part of the landscape of soul, and healing can lay the foundation for the development and expression of the authentic self. She has worked for many years with victims and perpetrators of sexual abuse, as well as working with the families who struggle to love and heal both the victim and the offender. She is also versed in working with the patterns of thinking and behavior that grow out of the effort to cope with abuse, such as depression, dissociation, use and abuse of alcohol and other drugs, etc. Pronouns: she, her, hers


Denise Francis-Montaño, PhD

is a psychologist, trainer, and advocate from Salt Lake City, Utah. Denise has spent over 15 years integrating\training Culture-, Gender-, and Trauma-Sensitive awareness in teaching, counseling, advising, and administration. She has served widely diverse communities in higher education and Indian Health, Veterans Health, Criminal Justice and Workforce services. Her understanding of the complexities of historically marginalized identities including all genders, ethnicity/nationality/race, LGB, refugee/ immigration spirituality and, age/appearance centers her work. Denise co facilitates cultural dialogues and is a trained victim’s advocate/consultant for rape and sexual assault recovery centers. She currently co coordinates the Utah Association for Women in Psychology, serves as a commissioner on the Salt Lake City Human Rights Commission board and is chairperson for the Conference to End All Forms of Discrimination Against Women, CEDAW. Pronouns: she, her,they, them, their.


Mikele Rauch MA, LMFT       


Since 1983, Mikele Rauch, LMFT, has worked with survivors of sexual trauma of all genders, specializing in the areas of physical, sexual, religious, and ritual abuse and violence, utilizing art, music, bodywork and mindfulness practices to the work of recovery.  She was co creator of MaleSurvivor Weekends of Recovery in 2001 and is Founder of Taking Back Ourselves. She is the author of Healing the Soul after Religious Abuse: The Dark Heaven of Recovery, Praeger Publications,. She is Executive Director of Taking Back Ourselves and is in private practice in Brookline, MA. Pronouns: she, her, hers.

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Abbe is a licensed independent social worker in Columbus, Ohio.  She has worked in the social services field and at various social service agencies, specifically in the area of mental health for over 15 years.  Abbe is a therapist at City Counseling: A Home for Growth, a private practice where she specializes in working with children, adolescents and adults who have experienced trauma, as well as LGBT support. Abbe has experience working with diverse client populations in the community, including various outreach services with children and families, facilitating therapeutic groups with adolescent females who have a history of sexual abuse and trauma, and their parents/guardians, as well as intensive family therapy for families in the community dealing with a variety of psychological and environmental challenges.  Abbe is trained in EMDR, which she utilizes in trauma work, as well as mindfulness and yoga.  Abbe is a certified yoga instructor and has seen the powerful role the aspects of yoga, mindful movement and breath work can have in the healing process alongside other therapeutic techniques.  Abbe hopes to offer a safe and supportive environment and space, as well as empowerment throughout the healing process. Pronouns: she, her, hers. 

Kimberly Richardson, LCSW (on leave)

therapist photo .jpg

is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Modesto, CA. She has worked in the social services field for over 10 years and strongly holds onto her intentions of providing authenticity, cultural competency and the belief that healing is a process that takes place in the mind, body and soul. She has worked in the capacity as a medical social worker, psycho-therapist and a hospice social worker. In each role, Kimberly has worked with a diverse population of individuals from disenfranchised communities, various cultures, and those dealing with a variety of psychological and emotional challenges.

Kimberly currently has her own private practice, where she specializes in women with anxiety and depression. She has worked with numerous clients who have a history of sexual trauma and has seen the powerful role that movement, writing, drawing and mindfulness can play in the healing process. She has studied at the Tamalpa Institute of movement based arts and has also received her certification to facilitate dancing mindfulness classes, which uses the art form of dance as the primary medium of discovering mindful awareness. Pronouns: she, her, hers.



Tricia Massa - Registration & Administration

Trisha Massa provides administrative support for TBO’s retreat weekends.  She became involved with TBO through her work with the Weekend of Recovery Program at MaleSurvivor.  In addition to her work with TBO, Trisha remains active withMaleSurvivor, where she has worked for the past 15 years.   The majority of her time there is spent helping to administratively coordinate Weekends of Recovery, Training, and Conference programming.  Outside of work, Trisha is active in her local community and has served on several boards, including the PTA, the Junior Women’s Club, and the Skating Club of Morris, New Jersey.



We are proud to introduce you to our accomplished TBO Board.

Shari Narva, MSW--Board Chair

is Senior Clinical Advisor at Narva & Company. Shari has worked for over 30 years with families as an advisor, consultant, and psychotherapist. She helps families create a coherent family narrative that incorporates the past and honors the legacy of the family into the future. She specializes in helping families engage in the difficult conversations that prevent progress and success. By interviewing all relevant family members, including spouses, she ascertains the family dynamics, communications patterns, and disruptions to the business family issues may cause. Creating a safe and effective forum for family dialogue, a practice in which Shari has deep experience, can often be a key intervention where family discord or resistance exists. Shari has presented to many university based family business programs, foundations, law firms and other professional firms on these subjects. Her previous professional experience includes private practice in psychotherapy, teaching and clinical supervision. She spent many years working as a social worker in child protective services, developing and managing state and federally funded programs for youth in the juvenile justice system as well as serving as an expert witness in judicial proceedings. Shari received a B.S. from Cornell University in Human Development and Family Studies and earned an MSW at the Smith College School for Social Work. Shari speaks Spanish and volunteers in a number of Boston-based programs for children and families. She is also known as “Sparkle” in her role as a hospital clown.

christine head shot.jpg

Cristine Frieze -- Treasurer

has over 25 years of successful financial management. Working with development stage companies through maturity, she is able to develop and implement sound accounting systems and processes working with technology to create seamless financial environments. Christine’s client base runs the gamut from a not-for-profit health awareness organization, a SaaS systems company, a music festival production company to retail and industrial manufacturing. Most recently, she is the CFO of Enviro Ambient, an emissions control technology firm, which was preceded by her position as Director of Financial operations and Accounting for Meridian Companies, LLC, a leading provider of tax credit equity financing. While at Meridian, she provided financial advice and guidance for over ten different companies and interacted with FINRA and the SEC on a number of related regulatory matters.

Mikele Rauch LMFT -- Executive Director

has worked both in Los Angeles and Boston, with men and women survivors of trauma, physical, incest, sexual assault and rape, religious and ritual violence, utilizing art, music, EMDR, bodywork and mindfulness practices to the work of recovery since 1983. She currently facilitates mixed gender groups for survivors of military, familial, religious and sexual trauma who struggle with addiction. In 2001, she co-founded and is currently on the clinical staff of the International MaleSurvivor Weekend of Recovery Team for male survivors of sexual abuse ( She is the Chair and founder of TakingBackOurselves, a Weekend of Recovery program for women survivors of sexual abuse. She has written for Paradigm, Cross Currents, National Catholic Reporter magazines, Sober World, and Big Voice Productions, author ofHealing the Soul after Religious Abuse: the Dark Heaven of Recovery, Praeger Publications, “Words on the Ground” for Trauma and Countertrauma, Resilience and Counterresilience: Insights from Psychoanalysts and Trauma Experts, edited by Dr. Richard Gartner.

Emily Abrams

is a member of the leadership team at Narva & Company, a firm which has been helping family growth companies sustain business success while enhancing family relationships and maintaining family control of the enterprise. Emily specializes in helping clients create effective governance processes and appropriate meeting protocols. She is a member of The Boston Club whose mission is to support women toward significant and visible leadership roles.. Emily is also a founding member of the Michael C. Rothberg September 11th Memorial Scholarship Committee, a charitable organization established to honor the memory of her nephew Michael, who perished in the World Trade Center tragedy.


Peter Botteas LMHC

is on the TBO team and clinical contact for the Board. Peter Bottéas is a multilingual and multicultural therapist in private practice in Cambridge, Massachusetts, who specializes in trauma recovery. For several years, he was a counselor, therapist, and victim advocate in the Violence Recovery Program at Fenway Health in Boston, which focuses on recovery from traumatic events such as sexual abuse, sexual assault, domestic violence, and bias crimes in the LGBTQ community. He frequently trains clinicians, students, and community volunteers, has spoken at various conferences in the U.S. and Canada, and has been an adjunct faculty member in the Counseling Psychology program at Lesley University. He is a certified EMDR clinician certified with advanced training in Sensorimotor Psychotherapy.

danielle lucido.jpg

Danielle Lucido

is a leadership consultant and coach with Linkage Inc, a top 20 global leadership consulting firm who partners with organizations to develop leaders worth following. She has nearly 20 years of experience leading small to mid-size organizations and has a distinct passion around helping people find their purpose, overcome hurdles and reach their full potential. Her passion to serve expands beyond business- she was recently featured in the New York Times for her service to help address the gender pay gap, by facilitating salary negotiation workshops in and around the Greater Boston area. She also serves on the Rising Generation Committee for the Boston Club, for her strong committed beliefs around gender equality & leadership representation. She is also a true Conscious Capitalist, believing that businesses can be both be profitable and do good, as these organizations address the growing needs of our changing world. 

Larry Ruhl.jpg

Larry Ruhl--Board Advisor is the author of Breaking the Ruhls, a memoir about recovering from childhood sexual abuse and complex trauma. He is a registered speaker with the RAINN network (Rape Abuse Incest National Network). He previously served as a board member at Male Survivor. He also spoke at colleges and retreats to increase awareness of sexual abuse against men and boys. Today he shares his story publicly to spread awareness and to help others shed the shame and stigma associated with sexual abuse. He graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT), with a degree in Display & Exhibit Design.

Dr. Purnima Mane, Phd--Board Advisor is an internationally recognized expert on gender, AIDS, and sexual and reproductive health. Dr. Mane has served as UN Assistant-Secretary-General, United Nations and Deputy Executive Director (Programme) of the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA). In late summer 2016, Dr. Mane was a Policy Fellow Resident at the Rockefeller Foundation’s Bellagio Center in Italy. She has served in leadership positions in several international organizations such as Pathfinder International, UNAIDS, World Health Organization, the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, and the Population Council. Before launching into an international career, Ms. Mane worked for over a decade and a half in India on public health and gender-related issues, while serving as Associate Professor at the Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS), Mumbai. Dr. Mane holds a doctoral degree from TISS in women's studies. She has co-authored several papers, co- edited 3 books, and is a founding editor of the journal, Culture, Health and Sexuality. Dr. Mane is Board member of the International AIDS Vaccine Initiative and the MTV Staying Alive Foundation. She was recipient of the Fulbright-IIE Global Change Maker Award in September 2016.