WELCOME 2019 !

We are proud  that Taking Back Ourselves is  a stand alone non profit organization. This page will bring you news, coming events, and hopefully inspiration.

We continue to be committed to offering Weekends of Recovery to women in need of scholarships.  Please spread the word as we increase our efforts to make Weekends affordable to every person who registers. And, thank you for your support and for all you do to empower survivors in their lives. And now…some comments from our TBO participants who came to Hope Springs in May, 2019:

The TBO weekend was unlike anything else I had ever experienced. The facilitators are very skillful, attentive, and compassionate, and they work well together as a team. The sense of community that is created in a few short days is amazing. Some of the exercises took me pretty far outside my comfort zone, but I felt very supported, and was able to go deeper into this healing work than I expected. I was challenged, but also felt safe enough and supported enough to explore experiences that were new to me. I left the weekend feeling more connected with my body than I have ever felt before. I feel that there are many new pathways to healing that are open to me. I know that this is not the end of my healing journey, but a new beginning. 

I made connection to strangers that became family within days. I know they are there for me and I'm there for them. We have been able to become vulnerable with each other and borrow strength from one another when needed. 


Sexual abuse removes us for community and creates the false security of isolation. Participating in a TBO weekend creates a community reflective of the environment in which I live that is safe to be authenticate, vulnerable and powerful. Bringing that experience back home allowed me to be more compassionate not only with those around me, but with myself as well.


I am "starting to see clearly now".....thanks to an accepting and non-judgemental weekend among loving caring people...a unique experience for me

A life-changing event, allowing me to fully embrace myself, not as a victim, or even as a survivor, but as someone who can thrive in this world. The weekend reminded me that I am "me" not my trauma. Looking around the room, knowing that each of those beautiful human beings have a similar story, knowing that I see them and appreciate them as beautiful souls, helps me realize that I'm one of those beautiful souls. I am not separate. We are all connected. Apart of this world. We are not walking alone. That reminder....it's an incredible gift!