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When you apply:

You will be contacted by one of our TBO facilitators for a pre-Weekend interview.  They will help assess what you need to feel safe and comfortable as you come on a Weekend, about your hopes and goals, and what brought you to applying for TBO.  
During that interview, we assess if this is the right Weekend for you.  It is important for you to know that no one with a sex offender history can apply.  If this is a part of your story, we will be happy to help you find the right resources for you.

The interview will also be an opportunity for you to ask questions and get a feeling for what’s ahead. If you are in therapy, you will be asked to give your therapist the attached document to sign as a letter of support.  
As the Weekend of Recovery draws closer, you will hear from us about how to prepare for the Weekend, as well as information about transportation and ride shares.

When you come to the Weekend:

It is a daunting experience to walk into a room full of strangers, much less a weekend like this.  One of the most inspiring things we hear from participants is how scary it was to even sign up and come—and how incredible it was to meet incredible women on that first day and realize that they were not alone.  The women who come to Taking Back Ourselves are from all walks of life.  They have come through so very much to be there.  It is an extraordinary experience to be in the company of courageous and empowered women.

The most important thing you can do is to establish as a community what it means to be safe with others and within yourself. Participants utilize mindfulness, body work, movement, art, journaling, and really great music to learn some new skills that can help you feel safer and more grounded as you continue to work on your recovery.
Women also have a chance to tell the story of the abuse with safety and the support they have always deserved.
They have a chance to take steps to remove some of the blocks that may be in their way of making additional progress.

Women are always surprised how much they laugh, how much they share, and how deeply satisfying it is for them to feel safe enough to authentic—for some it is the first time they have ever felt free enough to be themselves.

On the last day of the Weekend, the TBO community prepares to go back home with all the tools participants have learned throughout the weekend. Much may have changed for the participants, but those at home are still the same.  So, this segment is vitally important as participants go back to their families, loved ones and communities to continue on in their lives.

After the Weekend:

 Alumni join the vibrant family of TBO and build a support network once they go home.  They have the opportunity to keep the fire burning and to continue to grow in a strong community of empowered women connected to one another and to themselves in new and vibrant ways.

Paying for a Weekend:

Hope Springs is a beautiful, comfortable space that truly supports the work of recovery. The cost of the 3-day Weekend is $650 for a triple room, $750 for a double room. Scholarships are available.  TBO intends to make Weekends affordable to any woman survivor who wants to come.  So, we maintain a commitment to helping potential participants find alternative resources in cases of financial hardship or limited income.  But Taking Back Ourselves is committed to making it possible for each and every participant who applies to be there. We have limited scholarships available. 

We also encourage you to be bold and creative in considering other options for securing financial assistance to make it possible for you to attend a Weekend of Recovery.

Weekends of Recovery provide an unprecedented surplus of support and resources for survivors.  Because of the attention to space, safety, and the ratio of facilitators to participants, they are expensive to run.   We are always seeking donations and funding to support women survivors with resources and empowerment.  If you are in a position to donate money or resources, please considering helping others get to a weekend.